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  • Single Lorry Operation
  • Lorry Crane and Kato Crane in Operation
  • Road Side Operation

Who and Goal?

We are a company that specialize in tree works, as in all sort of trees work. We can call ourselves as a "problem solver" for construction companies or developers where trees have obstruct their work of progress or advises of trees health during their project periods.

Our goal is simple and easy, which "Work for Clients Satisfactory and keep the workplace safe


We provide services such as:-

- Cutting of trees
- Pruning of trees
  - Crown thining
  - Heavy pruning
  - Crown lifting
- Pollarding of trees
- Site Vegetation Clearance
- Crown reduction of trees
- Transplanting of trees


Throughout the 30 years in the industry, we had completed a lot of projects, most of the projects are for road widening (LTA), site clearance for new building structure and development and new road development and some are yearly contracts base such as Singapore Zoological Gardens and Singapore General Hospital.

While the present cityscape of Singapore boasts of attractions like Singapore Flyer, Gardens by The Bay and Marina Bay Sands, not many can imagine that this bustling city was once fully covered in green. Part of this transformation to a concrete jungle is attributed to decades of generous construction growth and modernization –giving us our commercial, industrial and residential areas. Playing a part in this transformation is Tan Huan–a homegrown business reminiscent of traditional lumberjacks.