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While the present cityscape of Singapore boasts of attractions like Singapore Flyer, Gardens by The Bay and Marina Bay Sands, not many can imagine that this bustling city was once fully covered in green. Part of this transformation to a concrete jungle is attributed to decades of generous construction growth and modernization –giving us our commercial, industrial and residential areas. Playing a part in this transformation is Tan Huan–a homegrown business reminiscent of traditional lumberjacks.

Delivering over three decades of tree clearing specialization, Tan Huan provides professional tree cutting, pruning, transplanting and pollarding services. Founded by Mr Tan Beng Hui in 1974, this tree removal specialist also complements with site clearance and grass cutting services – giving construction firms and statutory boards like National Parks, and Land Transport Authority (LTA) solutions whenever tree clearing services are required. This is particularly evident during periods of roads widening (lanes addition), new construction (inroads into forested areas) and regular trimming of our familiar Angsana giants along the expressway. In addition to such large-scale work, the team at Tan Huan also brings their expertise to attractions like Singapore Zoological Gardens, Night Safari and Jurong Birdpark –where regular maintenance ensure safety is not compromised as part of an enjoyable visit. 

As part of its growing specialization, Tan Huan Arboriculture Services was started in 2010, providing the same tree cutting services for smaller-scaled residential projects and a key role in the green equation – recycling. With tons of wood readily available from each clearing, investment in machinery – 02 units German Hammel Shredder V750 allows the quick processing of entire logs into wood chips, which is then exported for secondary purposes. With Mr Andy Tan (eldest son) at its helm, the firm brings the same expertise, service and safety built on decades of operational experience. 

Even with technological improvements, tree cutting remains very much a labor-intensive industry – requiring keen eyesight, strength and experience in estimating of many variables. Workers are put through a progressive route where literally, small trees are practiced upon for felling before bigger ones are handled. This important aspect of Tan Huan coupled with its fleet of heavy lorries (with mounted cranes), pickups and excavators, ensures that no tree clearing project or maintenance work is too large to handle. Having worked through the different decades – casual tree cutting in the 1970’s to today’s highly regulated scene (three trees are planted for each one removed), Mr Tan Beng Hui emphasizes safety as priority in all of the firm’s undertakings. 

Through proper risk management assessment and safety-first culture, Tan Huan remains a go to firm whenever professional tree clearing and arborist services are required. With Mr Andy and Matthew Tan stepping up to steer this ship, decades of promising growth appears likely ahead for this team of modern lumberjacks.