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Tan Beng Hui
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Andy Tan
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Ms. Serene Boo
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Company Introduction

Tan huan currently has two other companies, one is Tan Huan Arobrivculture Services and the other is Tan Huan Wood Waste Pte Ltd. Tan Huan has been established more than 35 years since 1970s and Tan Huan Wood Waste Pte Ltd is a newly established company since 2011, mainly this company is focusing more on wood waste as Tan Huan is providing new services to welcome other industries partners. Basically this company collects wood waste from other industries and once collected the wood waste, they will then chip of the wood waste into wood chips, in other words first process of recycling.

Tan Huan Wood Waste Pte Ltd is not totally a recycling company as we only process the first process as for further recycling, the company will pass on to a licensed recycling company to do the further process of the recycling. Read More

Featured Projects

What Do We Collect?

  • Wood Pallets
  • Tree Debris
  • Construction Wood
  • Furniture Woods
  • Tree Logs
  • Root Stumps